Turner Petty searching for his half-sisters Martha and Sallie Thriff and half-brother Cornelius

MR. EDITOR--I wish to inquire
for my relatives--two sisters and
one brother. I left them in Louis-
iana in 1860 or '61, near Clinton.
Sister's are Martha and Sallie
Thriff. Their father was named
Washington Thriff, a blacksmith.
Brother was Cornelius. I do not
know his father's name. Our
mother was named Matilda; she is
dead. My father was John Petty,
but called "Indian John." We
belonged to Col. Thriff; he died and
we fell to Ambrose Petty, and he
brought us to Texas. Father fell
to Geo. Petty. A Mr. Slauter was
our guardian; he lived in Clinton
or Trenton, La. Uncle Rafe Thriff
raised me. These three children
are only my half brother and sisters.
My name is Dan, but they always
call me Turner. Address me at
Brenham, Texas, in care of Rev.
Willis H. Jackson.

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