Tenner Barley (formerly Tenner Hoog) searching for her husband, father, sisters, and brothers

MR. EDITOR--I desire to inquire
for my people. I have not seen
them since 1850. At that time I
was living in South Carolina, Sump-
ter [Sumpter] district. I belonged to Mr.
Gable Plouden. My husband
was Ely Hoog. My father was
Carliner Plouden. My mother had
five girls and two boys. My eldest
sister, Mary Plouden, married
Dreary Hoog. Other sisters were
Milly Hoog, Rachel Plouden, Ginia
and Sally. My brother were Hamp-
ton [Hampton] Wadus and Wm. Elerson. My
name then was Tenner Hoog. Mr.
Gabriel Plouden sold me to a Mr.
James Pack. I had one child
named Rufus Hoog. Mr. James
Pack sold me to Mr. Ed. Glover,
and he brought me to Texas. I
heard from them once since. Ad-
dress [Address] me at Patterson Station,
Waller county, Texas, care P. H.

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