Sophia Whitfield searching for her two sisters and two aunts

MR. EDITOR--I wish to inquire
for some of my people--two sisters
and two aunts. They and myself
belonged to Jack Wade, after which
we were sold as follows: My oldest
sister, Eliza Wade, was sold to Jas.
Cannada, from Franklin county,
Va., to a place near Floyd Court-
house [Courthouse], Va. She was the mother of
5 children. My youngest sister,
Marietta Wade, I left at home on a
place near what is called Pig River,
with Jack Wade's widow, quite
young at that time. My aunt,
Sintia Wade, was sold to Griffin,
on Black Water Creek, in Franklin
county, Va., mother of several chil-
dren [children]. My aunt, Sallie Wade, lived
near Maysville, Va., sold to Smith
Dunwoody; carried from Franklin
county, Va., near Maysville, Va.
I was sold at Floyd Courthouse to
Pleas Howard, and came to Rich-
mond [Richmond], and was sold by Pleas How-
ard [Howard] to Charles Oliver, 27 miles from
Lynchburg, Va. I am known by
quite a number of people at Frank-
lin [Franklin] Courthouse, Va. I lived with
Henry Dorsey during my stay at
Franklin Courthouse. Address me
at Askew, Ark.

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