Shep Rinfroe searching for his mother, brothers Isaac, Bird, and Peter, and sisters Sarah and Alicia

MR. EDITOR--I wish to inquire
through your interesting paper
for my people. My mother belong-
ed [belonged] to Jake McCarter, but was
sold to Allen Glover; also Bro.
Isaac and Sister Sarah were sold at
the same time. The last time I
heard from them they were near
Moplis, Marengo County, Ala
Sister Alicia remained with the old
owner, Jake McCarter, Bros. Bird
and Peter went by the name of
Whitley, the name of their old
owner, Bill Whitley. My last ac
count [account] of them they were between
Jackson, Miss. and Columbus.
Any information concerning them
address Shep Rinfroe, Tehuacana,

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