Sophia Harris (formerly Sophia Badges) searching for her mother Nelly Brinkley and brother William

MR. EDITOR--I wish to inquire
for my mother and brother. I was
brought here two years before the
war by a Mr. Campbell. My own-
er's [owner's] name was Sam Boggs and
mother's master was named Thomas
Brinkley. When I left mother
was 100 miles from Baltimore, near
Saulsbury. She had nine children,
three girls and six boys. I am the
third child; Bro. William is older
than I am. Mother's name is Nelly
Brinkley, and father's Edmond
Denis, and belonged to Lizzie Rush.
One of master's places was on Po-
comoke [Pocomoke] river. I lived at Bunker's
Hill, near the turnpike road, five
miles from Baltimore. My name
then was Sophia Badges but is So-
phia [Sophia] Harris. Address, care of
Sam Timmons, Alpha, Louisiana.

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