Rev. Andrew Fox searching for his mother Abey Fox and half-sister Matilda Jebson

MR. EDITOR—I wish to inquire
for my mother and sister. I have
not seen them since 1860. We be-
longed [belonged] to James Parker Cohen, and
in the above mentioned year I was
sold to John Burnside, of New Or-
leans [New Orleans], La; and my mother and sis-
ter [sister] were sold up in the Blue Ridge
mountains. My mother's name was
Abey Fox at the time she was sold,
and her daughter, who was my half
sister, was named Matilda Jebson.
Both of our fathers were dead. My
name was Andrew Fox. Any in-
formation [information] concerning them will be
gladly received by me. Address
Rev. Andrew Fox, paster of Galilee
Baptist Church, Rayns Station, La-
fayette [Lafayette] parish, La.

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