Puss Hagan searching for her mother, brothers, and father

MR. EDITOR-I wish to inquire
for my mother, brothers and father.
I left them in Clark county, Ky., in
1853. My mother went by her
owner's name, Cintha Hagan; my
father's name was Joe Railback;
sister's name was Mary Railbaek;
my brother is Lewis Hagan; sister
Caroline Hagan. My youngest
brother was Taylor Hagan; my
younger sisters were Margaret and
Harriet Hagan. This is n y mother.
She want to hear from her people,
and I am glad to take this paper
on that account. My first owner
was David Hagan, and I was sold
to a man named Enoch Elkins in
Kentucky, and then I was sold to
Armster Blackburn, and my last
owner was George Waiton, in Bol-
ivor [Bolivor] county, Miss. Address Puss
Hagan, Wrightsville station, Pu-
laski [Pulaski] county, ARk., in care of Wm.

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