Priscilla Benjmin searching for her brothers, sister and aunt

MR. EDITOR-I wish to inquire
through your paper for my people,
who I left in the State of Georgia
about thirty five years ago. About
four years ago I received a letter
from Bro. Isaac Spradley, who was
still living in that State, but I have
wrote several times to him, and
can't hear a word from him; but
Bros. Willie and Edward Spradley,
and Sister Katy Spradley I have not
heard a word from them since I
left them thirty five years ago. Then
I was very small. I heard that my
aunt, Rosetta Spradley, was living
in the State of Flrodia. Our
mother, Betsey Christmas, is dead.
When I last saw them my name
was Priscilla Christmas, but I now
go by the name of Priscilla Ben
jmin. Any information from any
of the above named persons will be
happily received. Write in care of
Rev. G. W. Smith, Bay St. Louis,

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