John Alexander (formerly John Leggett) searching for his brothers George and Natha

MR. EDITOR-I wish to inquire for my brothers, George and Natha, who left here in 1862 63, and joined the Union army. They belonged to Simms Leggett, who lived near Foster Creek, Copiah county. Our parents were Henry and Lucinda Darsy. Sisters was Maria, Missouri and Amanda. Father lived in Franklie county, Miss. My name at that time, was John Leggett, but I am John Alexander now. Address me at Bowerton, Miss.

MR. EDITOR-I wish to inquire for my two brothers who left home in 1882 or 1883. We were living at the time they left in Copiah county, Miss., near Foster Creek. My brothers names were George and Nathan Leggett; mother, Lucinda; father Henry. We belonged to Henry Darsy in Franklin county. My name at that time was John Leggett, but I am now John Alexander. Address any information to me at Bowerton, Miss.

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