Jane Skalley searching for her mother, brother, sister, and step-father

MR. EDITOR—I desire to know the whereabouts of my people—a mother, brother, sister and stepfather. I left them during the war, perhaps in 1862 or '63, near Wyatt, Miss. Mother was Mary Childers; father, Geo. Harmon; brother, Henry Childers; and sister Rosanna Childers. I was sold about the beginning of the war from Childers to Samuel Martin, who lived at Holly Springs, Miss., and was taken there by him. My mother was sold the same day, to a Mr. Hutcherson, and taken to Wyatt. In time of the war I was taken from Holly Springs to New Orleans Bay Salt Works. Remained there about two months, then I came to Kingston, Tenn., where I have lived. My name is now Jane Skalley. Address me, care of Rev. J. T. Henry, Kingston, Tenn.

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