Jane Moultrie searching for her mother Elvay, two brothers Clark and Alfred, and a sister Harriet

MR. EDITOR-I wish to inquire for my people, mother, two brothers and one sister. We all belonged to the widow Lovejoy, and she lived in Jasper county, Georgia; and we were all sold two years before the surrender. A man by the name of Bill Parker bought my mother and the baby child, and my sister was sold to Ann Stafford, a daughter of the widow Lovejoy, who married a man by the name of Stafford, and lived in Coweta county, Ga. A man by the name of Amos Brown bought me and my oldest brother, Clark, in Morgan county, Ga. My mother's name was Elvay, oldest brother Clark, sister Harriet, and younger brother Alfred. The last time I saw my brother Clark was in Savannah, Ga , in 1865, and have not seen my mother, sister Harriet and brother Alfred since we all were sold. I heard from Harriet when she was living in Newman, Ga., about 7 years ago, and brother Clark went and took her to Atlanta, Ga. I heard that she was married. I would be glad for ministers to read this in churches in Atlanta, Ga. Address me at Wedowee, Randolph county, Ala. JANE MOULTRIE.

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