Henry Eldridge searching for his father, mother, and two sisters

MR. EDITOR—I am seeking lost relatives that I have not seen or heard from in 25 or 30 years. I was born 12 or 14 miles east of Richmond, Va.; my father's name was Moses, my mother's Aggie; one of my sisters was named Fannie and one Lizzie, two others whose names I can not remember. My brother got burned up in a fire in an old sage field. I was the youngest one when I left; my name is Henry; I am now over 40 years of age. My old master's name was Frank Muncas; he died when I was a small child; my young master's name was Milton Muncas; he lived in Petersburg at that time. I was brought to Richmond by Ben Prentiss, and sold to two speculators, one named Clarant and the other Stokely Williams, and I was carried South by them and sold. Address me at Elmo, Kaufman county, Texas. HENRY ELDRIDGE.

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