A. R. Rimawr seeking information about grandparents Randel and Rilda Rankins and extended family

Information wanted of my grand
father, grandmother, uncle and
aunts. My grandmother name was
Rilda Rankins and grandfather's
name was Randel Rankins, they be
longed to David Rankins, they lived
in Jasper, Tenn., Marion Co.,
when my mother left them, she
had a brother by the name of John
Rankins, now M. C. Wells. I
have been recently informed that
my grandmother is living in Mur
freeboro, Tenn. My mother the
daughter of Rilda and Randel
Rankins, was given to George
Stublefield, who married the
daughter of David Rankins and my
mother sold to a speculator by the
name of Jerry Wilson. My mother
had several sisters whose names
are as follows: Emeline, Lily and
Phoebe, my mother name is Jane
Knox. Any information leading
to their whereabouts will be thank
fully received. Pastors will please
read this to their congregations.
Address A. R. Rimawr, Kosciusko

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