Alfred Yancey (formerly Alfred Venable) searching for his seven brothers and one sister

I have seven brothers and one
sister. I left them in Granville
county, North Carolina in 1839. We
all belonged to a lawyer named
Abraham Venable. Mother was
named Pinkey and father Joshua.
My brothers were Monroe, Addison,
William, Dock, Alexander and
David Russell, and sister was
named Julia Smiley; she was named
after a northern school teacher. I
married Agnes Channellton, at Mr.
K. D. Channellton's, in 1837. Our
first child was named Pinkey. Then
we moved from Randolph to
Cheatham co., North Carolina. Our
young mistress married Jackson
Gilmore ond carried us there. My
sons are named William Monroe,
Razamus Oglby, and Alvis Cross.
We were then sold to a speculator.
My wife and I left our children in
Moore county, North Carolina, and
went back to Randolph county in
1844, and lived with a man named
Billy Lamfens. There was born of
us sons named Josiah Greenberry
and Dockery Clark; one daught-
er [daughter] named Julia Ana Phancillar;
another son, named Postilla, who
died. We were sold again to a
speculator by the name of Spruce
McCurry, in Lexington, Davidson
county, North Carolina. When the
old white people died the estate
divided and Greenbury, my son, fell
to Mr. Aroy Lawfens, who sold
him to Mr. Jerry Addison, a specu-
lator [speculator], a partner of McCurry; there
was partner with McCurry and Ad-
dison [Addison], named Add March; these
men carried off my son Greenbury
and sold him in Memphis, Tenn.
The last I heard of him he was in
the army and was discharged. My
name was Alfred Venable when I
lived in Granville county, North
Carolina. I now go by the name
Alfred Yancey. Pastors will please
read this to their congregations.
Address Alfred Yancy, Yazoo City,
Miss., or Rev. C. L. Crump, Ben-
ton [Benton], Miss.

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