Alfred Dowd searching for his brothers, John and Peyton, and his mother Sallie Tucker

MR. EDITOR-I wish to inquire
for my brothers, John and Peyton,
and mother, Sallie, all by the sur-
name Tucker. We belonged to
Wm. Tucker, in Amherst county,
Virginia. I have not seen them in
36 or 37 years. My father was
named Peyto, and belonged to a
Mr. Elliott, in Lynchburg, Va., who
owned a tobacco factory. Uncles
were Jack and Merchant. I had
an uncle by the name of Monroe, he
was a leech doctor. I do not know
who they belonged to, nor their oc-
cupation. Wm. Tucker sold my
mother and brother Peyton to the
speculators before he did me; left
me and brother John at home. The
last I heard of her she was on the
steamboat going to Richmond, Va.,
to the speculator's yard. I left
brother John with my old master,
Wm. Tucker, or with his daughter,
in Virginia. I left them when I
was 10 years old.


Oxford, Miss.

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