A.B. Allen searching for his grandmother, Milsey Tucker, and her three children, Millegan and Andrew Tucker and a third unknown girl

MR. EDITOR-I wish to inquire
for my grandmother and her three
children. She was brought from
southwest Georgia to middle Geor-
gia [Georgia] by Guarson Tucker, and taken
from middle Georgia by some white
people by the name of Starr. She
had five children, three girl and
two boys. Her childrens' names
were Millegan and Andrew Tucker;
the name of one of the girls I do
not know, those in Georgia are
Amanda Moss and Caroline Minor;
grandmother's name was Milsey
Tucker and the last account we had
of them they were in Caliborne par-
ish [parish], Louisian. She had two hus-
bands [husbands], one in South Carolina and
one in Georgia. The one in South
Carolina was James Moss and the
one in Georgia was Billy Minor.
She is now a widow; I am her
grandson and the son of her
daughter Caroline Minor, and am
preacher in charge of the Methodist
Episcopal Church at McDonough.
Ga. My aunt, Amanda Moss, lives
very close to me in Georgia. Please
address me at McDonough, Ga.

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