Mary Jane Renfro searching for her aunts Lizzie Robertson and Lucy Hunter

MR. EDITOR: ----- I want to make inquiry for my two aunts, Lizzie Robertson and Lucy Hunter. Aunt Lizzie belonged to Jas. Robertson, a widower, who lived in Bolivar, Hardeman county, Tenn. She was the mother of nine children whose names I have forgotten, except her oldest daughter, Louise. Aunt Lucy Hunter belonged to Charles Hunter. Col. Hunter, and his son
Charles Hunter came to Texas. We all used to belong to Wm.Goson of Virginia, and were sold by him to the Hunters. Aunt Lizzie was sold by the Hunters to Captain Glasco and carried by him toHardeman co., Tenn. My father's name was Weldon Goson. I left him in Brunswick co., Virginia; he belonged to James Goson. Aunt had but one child, her name was Ellrich (mulatto). My father's wife's name was Judy; she belonged to the Gosons. Father's oldest child was named Cincinnati, oldest daughter Mary Jane, and youngest son Andrew was the baby when I left. My name was Mary Jane. Write to me at Mayfield, Milam co., Texas. MARY JANE RENFRO.

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