Mrs. Clarissa Andrews searching for her family

MR. EDITOR--I want to inquire
for my relatives whom I last saw in
Marion District, South Carolina.
We belonged to a widow, named
Mrs. Patsey Bass, who was blind.
My father was named Prince, and
my mother Cloe Bass. In our fam-
ily [family] there were eight children, three
boys and five girls; their names
were Dandy and Lucy, who be-
longed [belonged] to Bryant Bass; Caeser, who
belonged to John Bass, and came
from with him from South Caro-
lina [Carolina] to Louisville, Ala; Luke, I do
not remember who he belonged to,
he died in South Carolina; Sarah,
who belonged to Nancy Cox; Mari-
am [Mariam] belonged to a man by the name
of Hampton; Amanda was given
to Miss Priscilla Moody, and the
last we heard of her she was in
Clark county, Miss. I am the 8th
one, and my name is Clarissay; I
was given to a man named Eben-
ezer [Ebenezer] Tate, who bought my father
from Mr. Joe Bass, and Mr. Tate
brought us from South Carolina to
Green county, Miss. My father
died in 1865; mother died in South
Carolina when I was quite young.
I am the youngest of all. I was
sold to a man named Griffin. I
am married now and live in Perry
county, Mississippi, Griffin P. O.
Any information will oblige An-
drew [Andrew] Griffin or Mrs. Clarissa An-
drews [Andrews]. Address as above.

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