Mr. Editor - I wish to inquire
for Mary Gibson, the sister of
Henry Scott. She was sold in
Harrisburgh, Rockingham county,
Virginia. The last I heard of her
she was in Louisiana. She belonged
to a Mrs. Baxter, and was the
mother of four children: James,
Belle, Millie and John. Amanda
belonged to Samuel Barr, Mt.
Crawford, was married to William
Gratten, and was the mother of
two children. James belonged to
Isaac Rinehart; when I last saw
him he lived in Rockingham, Va.
George belonged to Archie Ralston
and lived on Muddy Creek, Va.
Henry Scott belonged to Wm. R.
Hopkins, of Rockingham, Va. Any
person knowing of any of the above
will please answer immediately or
as soon as the others are found.
Address Henry Scott, Steubenville,
Jefferson county, Ohio, care
of Rev. Henry W. Tate.

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