Wm. McKenzie searching for his brother Lennies and sister Dinna McKenzie

MR. EDITOR: I wish to inquire for my brother and sister, who were sold before I was born, in Mississippi, by D.D. McKenzie. He lived in Tennessee and had two sons John and Joe, and daughters Lucinda and Rebecca. They were sold in Memphis, at public sale. Our mother is living, but father has been dead nineteen years My brother was Lennies and sister Dinna McKenzie. Mother was Rutha, father Ephraim McKenzie We had a brother Jacob, sisters Caroline, Silvia, Triggis, Minnie and Maria. Maria was the baby when sold. D.D. McKenzie had a man named Hope, and a woman Betty. It was about 40 years ago when they were sold, and I would like to know if any are living. I heard one of my brothers was in Eastern Texas, but do not know it. Address me at Box 13, Moscow, Texas. WM. MCKENZIE.

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