Wm. Simpson searching for his family

DEAR EDITOR: I wish to inquire
for my mother, three sisters, and
one brother, the names of whom
are as follows: My mother's name
when last I heard from her was
Betsey Clark; my brother's name
was Adolphus Clark; my three
sisters names were Adeline Clark,
Serella Clark, and the third one is
the daughter which she had after
we were separated, and the name
of whom I have not learned. These
relatives were sold from me near
Covington, La., in or about the
year 1839, leaving me a boy about
sixteen years old. Before we were
sold from one another, we belonged
to on Joyner. I myself was sold
to a woman by the name of Mary
Fox, who afterward married a man
by the name of Sam Simpson, with
whom I remained till the close of
the war. I still go by the name of
Simpson. I visited my mother at
New Orleans about fifteen years
ago, and succeeded in finding
them all in that city. Only one of my
sisters (Serella) was then married.
My mother had married a man
whose name I do not recollect. She
had only one child by the man
whom she then had. So you see
New Orleans is the last place in
which I saw them, and I wish to
know whether they are still there
or not. I may have possibly
mistaken a little in giving the
surnames of the above named relatives,
but the given names are correct.
Wherever my mother is, she is
known by the name of the man
whom she last married, but the last
name by which I knew her was
Betsey Clark; and so for all of the
above named relatives. Myself and
Adolphus were the only sons she
ever had that I know [indecipherable].
My address is Barksdale, Attala
county, Miss. WM Simpson

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