DENR [DEAR] EDITOR--I wish to inquire
for my sister; her name was Maria
Bell. We belonged to Mr. John
Dunn, and he lived in Ohio. Mr.
S. Scott was guardian over the
estate. Sister was sold from Fayyett
county, Kentucky. We lived one
mile from Lexington on the
Winchester turnpike. My name is
Keyar Buckner; my father's name
was Wm. Penn. I have 4 brothers
namely Reuben, Charles, William
and John Penn. Sister Maria was
sold in 1862 to Hendenson County.
My sister's husband name was
Harris Bell. If any information
can be given of her please inform
me. Address Mrs. Keyar Buckner,
care of my husband, Rev.
Samuel Buckner, preacher in
charge of St. John's Chapel,
Leesburg, Ky.

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