James Sandford searching for his daughter Mary

Sanford, a respectable colored man
resident of Charleston, South Carolina,
is seeking information which will aid
him in discovering the whereabouts of
his daughter Mary, and he will feel
greatly obliged to any one who can
give him such information. When
last he heard from her, Mary was
residing in Donaldsonville, married,
but her surname has escaped his memory.
The letter which brought him
intelligence of her residence here was
written by a person whose name, as
nearly as he can recollect, is Stomer
Benbow. Mary’s mother was named
Charlotte Bailey. If any of our readers
know aught concerning Mary or
Benbow, they will confer a great
favor upon a father in search of his
daughter by communicating it to Jacob
Williman, attorney at law, P.O. box
141, Charleston, S.C., or to the postmaster
of the Donaldsonville post office,
or to the editor of the CHIEF.

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