Lee Susanberby looking for brothers Gordon and Wash and sister Susan Hurshburger

DEAR EDITOR -- I desire information
concerning my brothers and
sisters -- Gordon, Wash, and Susan
Hurshburger. When we were all
together we lived in Mason county,
Kentucky. After the old man
Hurshburger died, we were divided
among the children. I know that
myself, Jordan, and Wash all fell
to Lewis Hurshburger, and I don't
know what became of Susan. The
last time I saw Gordon and Wash
it was at mother's funeral, in Norfolk,
Virginia. My mother died
suddenly, in the cellar at the St.
Charles Hotel. Her name was
Mary. She went down to a place
called Parkey, to see two others of
the children. I think one was
named Barbara, after old mistress,
and the other Handy. Her husband's
name was Judge Isaac. I
think she had one child by him,
named Ike. My name was then
Lee Hurshburger; after the war
my old mistress informed me my
father's name was Joel Susanberry.
I now go by my father's name.
Address me at Calvert, Texas, in care
of Rev. H. Swann.

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