Mr. Editor -- I desire information
concerning my uncles Gabriel
Armstead, Henry Patrick. Father's
name is Otis Armstead. Their
mother's name is Millie Armstead.
Otis is alive and he and Patrick
came from Virginia to Kentucky.
We belonged to Mr. Thomas
Esquails, Franklin, Borden county.
I took mother back to Virginia.
Martin and Caleb brought Otis and
Patrick to Tennessee, and sold Patrick
to Mr. Elisah Herds, then Otis
was sold to John Sweeny who left
there in 1832. Also of my aunt,
Eliza, who belonged to John Sweeny
in Franklin, Williamson Co., Tenn.
She was sold to Jack Wallage, who
was a gin-wright in that county.
She had two sisters, Emma and
Esther, a brother, James; their
mother, named Sophia, died at the
Proughtys place. John Sweeny
came to Texas in 1832, and lived in
Brazoria Co. Any information of
the above will be thankfully
received. Address me at Columbia,
Brazoria Co., Texas, in care of Rev.
Jeremiah Wesley.
James Armstead.

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