Henry Tibbs searching for his mother Hannah

MR. EDITOR ---- I desire some
information about my mother. The
last time I saw her I was in Alexandria,
Virginia, about the year
1852 or 1853. Her name was Hannah.
She belonged to Lawyer Tibbs
who sold her when I was quite
young to a trader named Bruthing.
Lather Tibbs lived at Leesburg,
Va., when he sold mother to Bruthing,
and afterwards Tibbs moved
to Alexandria, Va., and swapped
me to Bruthing for another boy.
Bruthing put me in jail and I cried,
so he told me if I would hush he
would bring my mother there next
morning, which he did ; but I was
so young mother hardly knew me,
so Bruthing stood four or five boys
in a line and asked her which one
of them was her boy. She stood
a few moments and then said I was
the boy. Mother then brought me
some cake and candy, and that was
the last time I saw her. I now go
by the name of Henry Tibbs. I
remember the names of two of Tibbs'
sons, Abner and Kennedy. Bruthing
brought me to New Orleans,
La., and sold me to a man named
M. Pickett. If mother is found
please address me at Deasonville,
Yazoo county, Miss., in care of Rev
James Allen. HENRY TIBBS.

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