Hagar Outlaw seeking information about her children Cherry, Viny, and Mills Outlaw

Of the children of Hagar Outlaw, who went from
Wake Forest. Three of them, (their names
being Cherry, Viny, and Mills Outlaw.) were
bought by Abram Hester Noah Outlaw was
taken to Alabama by Joseph Turner Hillsborough.
John Outlaw was sold to George Vaughan. Eli
Outlaw was sold by Joseph Outlaw. He acted
as watchman for old David Outlaw. Thomas
Rembry Outlaw was taken away by Wm. Outlaw.
Julia Outlaw was sold in New Orleans by Dr.
Outlaw. I live in Raleigh, and I hope they will
think enough of their mother to come and look
for her, as she is growing old, and needs help.
She will be glad to see them again at her side.
The place is healthy, and they can all do well
here. As the hand of time steals over me now
so rapidly, I wish to see my dear ones once more
clasped to their mother's heart as in days of yore.
Come to the capital of North Carolina, and you
will find your mother there, eagerly awaiting
her loved ones.
Hugh Outlaw, if you should find any or all of
my children, you will do me an incalculable favor
by immediately informing them that their mo-
ther still lives.

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