Gustus Ann Hamilton searching for her mother Nelly Beacheum, uncles Louis Beachem and Pompey Beachem, and sister Jane Beaches (2nd of 2 ads)

Do You Know Them?

I desire to know the whereabouts of
my relatives. I was sold from them
during the war.
I belonged to Sam Beachem, who lived
at than time Richmond, Va. I was
sold to Jimerson, at an age between 11
and 12 years Then I was to Robert
Golikly and Bird Leatherwood, two
Negro traders. They carried me to
Mississippi. Ike Beachum, the brother
of Sam Beachum sold me for the
debt of said Sam.
My mother's name was Nelly
Beachem. I left Richmond I have
not seem her since. My uncle's name
was Louis Beachem and the other uncle,
Pompey Beachem. My sister's
name was Jane Beachem. She was
sold to a white women Her name is
Geneta The rest are unknown She
was carried to Baltimore. My name
was Gustus Ann Beachuem. My name
is now Gustus Ann Hamilton.
Any information will be thankfully
received by addressing me at Coffeyville,

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