Charles Fisher (formerly Charles Macpike) searching for Maria Macpike and William Montjon and several Macpike family members

Information Wanted.
CHARLES MACPIKE, purchased by Benjamin
Gray, of Pike County, Missouri, and
sold by him when about twenty years of age, to
Hockens, a Slave-trader, now christened Charles
Fisher, is at present living in Canada West.
The said Charles Fisher would be thankful to
receive any information concerning Maria
Macpike, of Bowling Green, and William
Mountjon of Ramsey Creek, Clarkesville, in
Pike County, Missouri, United States; also of
William, Mary, Sarah, and Martha Mackpike,
of the same County, on the estate of Widow
Cothrine, and of John, his next brother, purchased
by Samuel Lighter of Pike County, and
sold by Lighter to James Patterson, in the County
of Lincoln.
Any information concerning the above persons
directed to "Thomas Smallwood, York Street,
Toronto, Canada West," will be thankfully received
Toronto, March 3rd, 1855. 1-6w.

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