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An unidentified man searching for his brother, Noah Camper, a former soldier in the U.S.C.T.

F. J. Hunter searching for his mother Nanby Whittecar, his brother Anthony David Hunter, and sisters Arzuler and Rose Whittecar.

Frances Johnson.jpg
Frances Johnson (formerly Frances Rice) seeking information about her sister, Carrie Carr, who was last seen near Jefferson, TX.

Wm. Walton searching for his mother Eliza Walton, sister Sinthia, and brothers Oliver, Henry, and Anderson Walton.

Maria Taylor (formerly Maria Monday) searching for her brothers Robert, Benjamin, and Joe who she last saw in Pilot Point County, Texas.

Rhoda Sanders searching for mother, Mary Avernathen; father, Turner; stepfather Dickerson; Tursa and William Avernathen; aunt Ann; grandfather Tomsha and his two children, China and Jordan; and possibly unnamed siblings

Fanny Ward searching for her parents, Melvina and Issac Trumbull; brothers Jacob and Charley, and possibly her 7 other siblings; and a unnamed child. Her brother Charley cut off his own arm upon learning he was to be sold.

London and Anderson Bass 7-18-1891.tif
Lucindy Millsap is searching for her two brothers London and Anderson Bass who ran away with Gen. Sherman's Army in 1864. London Bass was totally blind and led off to Atlanta, GA during its siege by his brother Anderson.

Bunk Hilliard 10-30-1884.tif
Bunk Hilliard is searching for his wife Annie Sterling. She belonged to a man in Georgia called Whit Sterling. She had a daughter Francis whom she left in LaGrange, GA. His wife was sold to a Mr. Barley who lived in Lafourche, LA during the war. …
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