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Alex Capron searching for Helen Jefferson, who recently came to New York by steamer

Amy Morris, aka "Mrs. Frenchy," grew up enslaved in Hancock County, GA, near Sparta, GA. Beginning at age 14, she was sold several times, in Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas, before she escaped during the Civil War. Previously, she and her first…

Andrew Slade searching for his parents Reuben and Harriet Manning, and his siblings Martha, Viny, Emma, Charlotte and George Reuben.

Alice Ann (Moore) Dungill searching for their aunt Rebecca Cornel, uncle Aaron Moore, George Smith, George White, Alexander Settles, or any of the Rivers.

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Ann Williams, Harrisburg, PA, searching for son Daniel Williams, sold at Martinsburg, VA

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Anna Jinkins searching for her children John, Jesse, Susan, Juda, Caroline and Emmeline Jinkins.

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Annie Sloan Powers seeking information of her family, who she last saw in 1865.

They are "mulatto" and from the Creek Nation. They escaped, presumably to the North, from Maysville about ten days after the Civil War battle there.

Benjamin Harris searching for his parents Stephen and Patsie Harris, and his siblings Daniel, Manuel, Maria, Rosetta and Aggie. He is also searching for his uncles Benjamin, Austin, and Manuel Darrel.

Benjamin Pulpress searching for Phoebe Davis who was formerly enslaved by Charles Faulkner is Martinsburg, VA.

Isham Richardson, described as being an albino, was taken from his father when "the Federal army came through" during the Civil War. He is believed to be somewhere in the North.

They ran into each other in 1867. From Fleming County, Kentucky. Joshua bought his freedom in 1849. Solomon escaped to Canada in 1837.

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Burill Mundy searching for his father, Richard Mundy; mother, Jennie Lewis; sisters Lucy and Sallie; and brother Arthur and Temple.

C. B. Baldwin stating that he has information of Laura Young, whose family placed an ad for previously.

Alexander Robinson died in Boston and left an estate. C.G. Morgan is searching for the relatives of Robinson to claim this estate.

Carrie Turl searching for her parents John and Jane Turl and her siblings Reuben, Oscar, Elvira and Milley. They were formerly enslaved by Augustus Wallis.

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Catherine Johnson searching for her husband John Johnson, a solider in the United States Colored Troops.

Bowen escaped from slavery, near St. Francisville, MO, in 1859. He presumably went to Chicago and, from there, to Canada.

Charlotte Parker (formerly Charlotte Thompson) searching for her children William Henry and Elizabeth Thompson who were enslaved by Fleming Griffin.

David Crutchville searching for his parents James and Delphy Crutchville, and his siblings Francis Marion, George Washington, John Wesley, Judge Haywood, Thorton Pitts Crutchville, and Anne Perryman.

David T. Tennerson searching for his parents David and Rebecca Tennerson who he last saw in Parisville, Virginia.

Edward Laggan searching for his daughter, Sarah Laggan, who was formerly enslaved by the Allston family in South Carolina.

Edward T. Jones searching for his mother Susan Jones who he last saw in Richmond, Virginia.
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