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John E. Onely searching for his sister Susan Onely

Henry Madden searching for his wife Mary Madden who left for New Orleans in 1863.

Jacob Galloway giving his new city of residence so that his children, Moses, William, Elizabeth, and Issac may find him if they are still living.

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Julia Mandinell Crawford searching for her mother, Lucy Mandinell, brother Charles Grandnell, and sisters Ada and Cornelia. She last saw them near Willow Springs.

Susan Simons searching for her parents, Susan Prior, Amanda and John.

John Harrison Bean searching for Rose Redmon and her two daughters Henrietta and Eliza Ann who were formerly enslaved by Dr. Hardin of Merthing County.

Hamilton E. Waters searching for Matilda Waters, his brother Simon Cater or Simon Waters, and loved ones named Rinaldo Turner, Sandy Anderson, and Wm. Handy.

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Rev. Roberts seeking information about his son William Lewis Johnson who left home in 1865.

Johnson 1.TIF
Catherine Johnson searching for her husband John Johnson, a solider in the United States Colored Troops.

Mrs. Mary Dowden searching for Miss Rebecca Dowden in order to settle an estate.

Eveline Jones.TIF
Eveline Jones searching for her mother Silvey Cury and her sister Patience Miller, both of whom she last saw in Georgia.

Lucy Walker searching for her husband, Anderson Walker, who she last saw in 1864.

Benjamin Pulpress searching for Phoebe Davis who was formerly enslaved by Charles Faulkner is Martinsburg, VA.

Wesley Johnson searching for his brother, Gideon, who was last known to be in Shenandoah County, VA.

Isom Allston searching for his brothers, James, Philip and Osborn Johnson who were all enslaved by Jas. C. Johnson.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis seeking information on their son Henry who left Virginia to go to Pennsylvania.

Henry Humphrey searching for John Humphrey, his mother Milly Humphrey, and his sisters Sarah Ann Humphrey and Helen Humphrey who he left in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Edward T. Jones searching for his mother Susan Jones who he last saw in Richmond, Virginia.

Benjamin Harris searching for his parents Stephen and Patsie Harris, and his siblings Daniel, Manuel, Maria, Rosetta and Aggie. He is also searching for his uncles Benjamin, Austin, and Manuel Darrel.

David T. Tennerson searching for his parents David and Rebecca Tennerson who he last saw in Parisville, Virginia.

Winory Johnson searching for his sisters Ellen and Charlotte Johnson who were formerly enslaved by Samuel Harrington.

Charlotte Parker (formerly Charlotte Thompson) searching for her children William Henry and Elizabeth Thompson who were enslaved by Fleming Griffin.

Geo. Hamilton Jones looking for his children Charles, Maria, Lucinda, John, Archie, and George Jones who were formerly enslaved by Jennie Bell of Charleston, Virginia.

Lewis Wade searching for his wife Lucy and their three children Benjamin, Harriet, and Charlotte who he last saw in Rockbridge Country, Virginia.

Rev. Wesley J. Gains searching for Reuben Evans who purchased his freedom from Robert Toombs.
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