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New National Era. Washington DC September 29 1870 copy 2.jp2
Henry Green, Sr. searching for his son, William Green, who left Beaufort, SC, for New York, with a U.S. army officer in 1865.

Alexander Robinson died in Boston and left an estate. C.G. Morgan is searching for the relatives of Robinson to claim this estate.

TCR_1865122_LEWIS (I).TIF
Burill Mundy searching for his father, Richard Mundy; mother, Jennie Lewis; sisters Lucy and Sallie; and brother Arthur and Temple.

National Republican. Washington DC Oct 26 1887.jp2
Ellen Dixon searching for her son. He went to New York with a Union regiment. Includes transcription of memorandum written by former master, John T. Bloxham, during the Civil War, when John Dixon left.

SCA_1883118 (II)_FRIARSON (I).jpg
Jane (Oats) Friarson searching for her son, Anthony Oats, who she saw last at Bear Creek at David Oats' place. David Oats enslaved them both.

Daily Dispatch. Richmond VA Oct 17 1870.jp2
James Hill, Richmond, VA, searching for his parents, Archer Hill and Julia Hill, who followed the army from Staunton, VA, in 1863. Has heard they are now in Ohio.

Susan A. Grandy, New York, NY, searching for her brother, Caesar Nash Grandy, who recently came from Norfolk, VA, by steamer

Alex Capron searching for Helen Jefferson, who recently came to New York by steamer

NY Herald Nov 28 1870.jp2
Jeannette Holden searching for her brother, who traveled from New Bern, NC to New York in September 1870 by steamer

Nelson Hart.jp2
Nelson Hart, Chicago, Illinois, searching for his sister, Harriett Shipley. She went up Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO, with a number of other "contrabands." Supposed to be in Minnesota.

Thomas Arthur Everick, New York, NY, searching for his parents and siblings, of Florida and then Winnsboro, SC area

Mary Ellen (Willliams) Chapman searching for her parents Emily and Henry Williams; sister Sarah; brothers James and George; uncles George, James and Philip Roots; aunt Ellen Roots; and grandparents George and Sarah Roots.

Ann Williams.png
Ann Williams, Harrisburg, PA, searching for son Daniel Williams, sold at Martinsburg, VA

Greenwood Cooke.png
Eliza Cooke looking for son Greenwood Cooke

S.D. Ripley, on the behalf of George Washinton, is looking for his family: parents George and Rachel, brothers Daniel, John, Isaac, and Jesse, sisters Jane, Lucy, and Louise. They were known by the last name Patterson in slavery.

RP66 J.jpg
Mary Pollard seeking information of her relatives.

RP52 J.jpg
Annie Sloan Powers seeking information of her family, who she last saw in 1865.

walker sep 8 94.jpg
Martha Walker is looking for her son George Walker

RP06 J.jpg
Widow of Charles Harris, Sr. (in care of Edward U. A. Brooks) seeking information of Charles and Louisa Harris.

FD Evelina Evans.jpg
Henry Jackson seeking information of his niece, Evelina Evans.

An unnamed party is searching for their mother Nancy Dozier, sister Alice, and uncle Joseph Moore.
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