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Brown, of Baltimore, MD, searching for Craig, of the 6th Michigan Artillery. Ad placed in September 1865, five months after the Civil War.

Thaddeus Scott seeks the address of soldiers from the 44th Regiment Colored Infantry.

Her son served in Company B, 5th Massachusetts Colored Cavalry, Civil War. He settled in Kansas in 1866. Riker needs information to prove her claim for a dependent mother's Civil War pension.

Tolliver, of Des Moines, Iowa, was sold away from Daviess County, Missouri, at age 9 [in ca 1848]. In 1903, he learned that his father lives in Leavenworth, Kansas, and visited him.

Watson, 79th Regiment, Louisiana Colored Infantry, Civil War, has not hear from his family since they arrived in Louisville, KY, summer 1865. They all "belonged to" Mr. Cornelius Voris, near Marksville, LA, before the Civil War.

Gideon, owner and originator of Gideon's Refined Negro Minstrels, is searching for his father, who enlisted in the First Kansas Colored Infantry during the Civil War

Gamby searching for her son, Asbury Gamby/Asbury Bright. He enlisted in the 7th Regiment Infantry, U.S. Colored Troops, Civil War.

Henrietta Wilson is searching for a member of Co. "E" 26th Regiment who knew a William Fox of Kentucky.

Edward A. Robinson is searching for Anna M. Pope (formerly Williams)

Found...Pittsburgh Dispatch Mar 12 1891.jpg
William H. Todd, Washington Court House, OH, finds his mother in Macon, GA, after writing to people in the South for many years in search of her.

Richmond Planet March 15 1902.jp2
Anthony Cox searching for John Taliaferro, Major Woolridge, Dennis Minor, John Clark, Walker Clark, and Lewis Clark. Worked at the "Salt Works" together. The Clarks and Dennis Minor in Co. B, 119th Regiment, U.S. Colored Infantry, Civil War. They…

National Tribune. Aug 29 1901.jp2
Lewis Smith searching for Captain James H. Mathew and Lieutenant Dallas Duval

H.J. Covell searching for George Wedge of the 6th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry.

Interior Journal. Stanford KY. Feb 9 1906.jp2
Looking for Moses Ballard, Civil War veteran, or his heirs [possibly related to a Civil War veteran's pension?]

Charleston Daily News January 7 1868.jp2
Adam Wright searching for Daniel Wright who left Charleston, SC, with the 45th Pennsylvania Regiment in 1862.

Fannie Ford.jpg
Fannie Ford searching for Granderson Washington, cook at Colored Camp Fremont, near Washington, DC, Civil War

Robert James.png
Robert James searching for William Hamilton, former member of Co. H, 45th PA Colored Troops.

Benjamin Butler searching for Peter R. Laws, orderly sergeant of Co. C. 5th regiment of Mass. Colored Volunteers.

J. T. Rex seeking information of Orderly-Sargeant Peter R. Laws of Company I, 55th Massachusetts Volunteers and Sergeant James H. Matthew.

Richard Dickerson searching for his aunt Mary Highgate who he has not seen since he left with the 41st U. S. Troops.

Wm. Johnston searching for Nicodemus and Mary Ann Johnston who were last known to be in Germantown, PA.
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