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Julia Creamer was taken from Memphis, TN, by John Creamer.

He was last heard from in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, where he was "waiting on a gentleman," in 1881. Age about 18.

Bradford North, Busby's former master, left him fifty thousand dollars. North's executors found Busby through newspaper ads.

Searching for sister Louisa and brother Curg who were enslaved by Gip. Powell, near Buffalo, West Virginia, before the Civil War.

Nathaniel Dunmore is searching for soldiers who know details of Edmond Dunmore's death. Enlisted from Pennsylvania during the Civil War. [Presumably related to a Civil War pension application].

Reuben Thornton, of Charles Town, West Virginia, searching for his sister Amy Thornton and his brother Ransom Thornton. Reuben lives with their former enslaver, Jno. M. Coyle.

Freeman was sold in Dover, Tennessee, in 1863, during the Civil War. Reunited with her mother in 1892.

Searching for his sister and nephew.

T.T. Brown is searching for his sisters, brothers, and relatives.

Lewis L. Garrison is searching for his sister Harriet Ann Carter.

Coleman is searching for her sister, Birdie Thomas. Reward offered.

National Republican. Washington DC. May 20 1875.jp2
Emmanuel and Caroline Jacobs searching for their son Solomon Jacobs. He was enslaved by Daniel R. McNeal of Hardy County, VA, and sold to Southern traders before the Civil War.

Richmond Planet Mar 15 1902.jp2
Braxton Mitchell, Spring Hill, KS, searching for his brothers and sisters.

Richmond Planet Mar 29 1902.jp2
Married "long before John Brown's Insurrection." Husband, of Harpers' Ferry, VA [now Harpers Ferry, WV], sold to Richmond, VA. Has not heard from him since.

Richmond Planet June 8 1907.jp2
H. Turner, New York City, searching for her sister, Louisa Bruce, or her sister's husband, Billy Bruce


Jackson. The Richmond Planet Apr 9 1921.jp2
Andrew Jackson, Baxter, WV, searching for Anty Jackson's sons. Anty Jackson bought his freedom by working in the gold mines.

Rev. L. M. Hagood 6-19-1884.tif
Rev. L. M. Hagood is searching for Martha Batts. Four or five years ago she lived 8 miles east of Athens, AL but told her sister she was going to move on to the Elk River. Her husband was named David Batts. Her sister Caroline left her 11 years ago…

Omaha Daily Bee. Dec 8 1911.jp2
Sperrial Peyton Brooks searching for his mother and fifteen siblings. His mother "gave him away to a neighbor to raise." Unclear if his mother was enslaved or free at the time.

Clinch Valley News. Tazewell Courthouse VA Aug 26 1892.jp2
The Clinch Valley News is informing Betsy Chatman/Betsy Chapman of Smithfield, VA, that her brother, George Chatman/George Chapman, who she'd searched for through the Charlotte Gazette, is dead

Samuel Burton.jp2
F.H. Porterfield, Saginaw Coal Company, searching for sister and aunt of Samuel Burton, died in Saginaw, MI

Emma (Washington) Moore searching for her parents. Lucinda Johnson and John Washington; sisters Louisa and Bettie; and brothers Ed and Jerry Johnson.


Jane Ferguson.jp2
Jane Ferguson searching for her son Squire Ferguson who was last seen during Lightburn's retreat in 1862.

Smith Blackwell searching for his brother-in-laws Harry and Robert, sisters-in-law S-cia and Louisa, and parents-in-law Molly and Peter Roe.

Hamilton Furlong searching for his mother Ersely Furlong and brother Singleton Furlong.


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