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Dogan, of Pottstown, PA, found his first wife in 1871. They had been separated during the Civil War, when Dogan escaped into the Union lines and enlisted. His second wife supposedly gave her "hearty consent" for him to return to his first wife and…

William Snyder, age 12, left his home in Harrisburg, PA, in August 1868 to go to Sunday school. Has been missing for over a week.

Alcinda, daughter of Jacob and Susan Bradford, was sold as a slave in New Orleans, LA, some years before the Civil War. She was afterwards taken to Arkansas.

Mrs. Eliza Stewart, nee Eliza Robinson, believes her brother is in Alabama or Georgia. He was sold in Hagerstown, MD, long before the Civil War.

Frances, age 8, left her home about four weeks since, in 1848 in Philadelphia. [She was presumably free]. An antebellum ad.

Brown's parents searching for him. He was 14 years old and left their home in Philadelphia in July 1833. Supposedly went up Schuylkill, along the canal. [All presumably free African Americans]. An antebellum ad, from 1833.

Thomas searching for aunt Delcie Graves, her husband Frederick Graves, and uncle James Washington. Frederick and James "were soldiers in the war of 1863" [Civil War]. All "belonged to" Tom Alyer in Madison County, VA.

Frank "left his home" in Woodville, Virginia, ca. 1853. [He was presumably sold]. He was heard of once, in Charleston, South Carolina, since then.

Wilson went from New York City to Philadelphia. Ad placed in 1865, during the Civil War.

Green came to Kansas City "during the slavery days" and "belonged to the Holiday family in Virginia."

Alexander is "an old soldier" [a Civil War veteran?]

Hiram left Montpelier, Vermont, nearly 20 years ago [ca 1823]. He was in New Orleans when last heard of. His mother placed this antebellum ad in 1843.

Ad placed in Philadelphia in 1849, before the Civil War. Baynan fears that her son, age about 15, has been kidnapped.

Josephine Smith searching for information about her brother Lerov Smith from whom she was separated during slavery.

Butler, of Pittsburgh, PA, searching for Arthur William and Toler Butler, his brothers.

He was working in Philadelphia when last heard from.

Nathaniel Dunmore is searching for soldiers who know details of Edmond Dunmore's death. Enlisted from Pennsylvania during the Civil War. [Presumably related to a Civil War pension application].

William Volantine (now named William Robinson) was once a slave in Baltimore, now living in New Bedford, MA. He is searching for his brother, Joshua, who was also a slave in Baltimore and went to Philadelphia three years earlier [ca 1846]. An…

Lawrence's parents were separated during slavery [ca 1855]. Found his father in 1891.

They are from King William County, Virginia, and "belonged to" the Stevens family

Mrs. Louisa Fry, of Pleasantville, NJ, finds her mother in Philadelphia. Had not seen her since they were liberated from a Virginia plantation at the end of the Civil War, 43 years earlier.

They are searching for their brother.

Daniels searching for her two sisters, who lived with Easter Brooks

John Dryden, attorney, is searching for Agnes Ross in order to find his sister, Mary Ross. She is an heir to property in St. Louis.


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