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Bennie A. Smith, who married Hattie Smith (nee Whitfield) is searching for Charlie, Granderson, and Isaac Whitfield, his in-laws.

They belonged to Andy Austin, at or near Chillicothe, MO. Frances was sold to a speculator 27 or 28 years ago [ca. 1856 or 1857].

Lucy Smith, of Richmond, Virginia, is searching for her father, who was at Fort Smith, Arkansas, until April 1898.

She is the sister of Mr. Ben F Batts of Nashville, Tennessee.

Benjamin, of Choctaw and Chickasaw Nation, enlisted in the 1st Colored regiment [1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry Regiment] during the Civil War. Last heard from in Kansas City, Missouri, charged with desertion.

She is searching for Reuben Burrow who was the body servant of Gen. N. B. Burrow during the Mexican War.

A.B. Johnson has died in Oklahoma and J.J. Rose is searching for Johnson's children

Richmond Planet. Oct 5 1907 copy.jp2
Hannah Henderson (now Hannah Neil) searching for her brother, Neil Henderson (or Neal Henderson) and her sister, Pollie (nee) Henderson.

National Tribune. Washington DC Dec 30 1909.jp2
Rev. Geo. Nicholas wants address of Lieutenant J.C. Haskell, Co. B. 54th U.S.C.T. [maybe related to a Civil War veteran's pension?]

Georgia Strothers 8-6-1892.tif
Clara Irvin is searching for Georgiana Strothers, formerly of Fort Reno, Indian Territory.

Fort Worth Gazette. Forth Worth TX. August 6 1891.jp2
Louis Clark, Oak Lodge, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, searching for brother, Lee Clark, and sister, Clarica Clark. Sold and taken from AL to TX about 1847.

Hollie West.png
Hollie West, of OK, searching for father George R. West, last heard of in Vandale, AR

Lucy Hall seeking information about her mother and father, Mary and Charles Forg, her sisters Sarah, Rachel, Lucy, Martha, and Mary, and her brothers Jack and George. She was sold away from her family.
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