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Wm. Garnet searching for his wife, Jane, and his children, Willis, Abraham, and Jeney, formerly enslaved by Daniel Garnett, of Manchester, KY. He has been separated from his wife and children for 14 years [since ca. 1851].

Johnson's first husband, Geo. Perry, escaped from Fleming County, KY, to Canada 43 years earlier [ca 1830]. Johnson and their child were went with him but were caught and taken back to Kentucky, where they remained in slavery until the Civil War.…

A coachman in Columbus, OH, and his brother, a minister, found their elderly father in Washington, DC, in 1883. They had been sold apart from each other before the Civil War. (Their names are not given in the newspaper article. Additional research is…

Brother also known as Capt. Ben Scott

Emeline Skipwarth escaped from slavery in Kentucky to Michigan. Forty years later, in 1885, she found her sister, Julia Lyon, near Troy, Ohio.

Millie Scott seeking information about her son George Coates who "belonged to" Charles Handsome Coates, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Last seen in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Adair searching for her father, Charles Hazard, her mother, Rachel Ann Hazard, her brother, Wm. Henry Hazard, and her son, Wm. Henry Levi. Adair's father was free. Her mother was "owned by" John Ridgely, of Hampton County, Maryland, and sold to Tom…

He left home in Talladega, Alabama, nine years earlier [ca 1871]. His mother was "owned by" Theodore Levi, of that place.

Quindy Relf escaped from slavery. His wife and their five children were later manumitted in Virginia and went to Ohio. They are searching for him. An antebellum ad.

Dority searching for his mother, Mary Ann Dority, and his sister, Mary Jane Dority

Mrs. J. W. Willis searching for sister Malinda Rogers and brother William. She last saw them in 1874 on Asheland plantation in Washington, Mississippi.

C. D. White looking for his sister Mary Lilly, who he lost contact with in 1864

Freeman was sold in Dover, Tennessee, in 1863, during the Civil War. Reunited with her mother in 1892.

They ran into each other in 1867. From Fleming County, Kentucky. Joshua bought his freedom in 1849. Solomon escaped to Canada in 1837.

Bradley and his wife were sold apart from each other in 1859. They found each other and remarried in Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 1880.

David Reed was last known to have been traveling with the circus and was last heard from in Connecticut.

Diboll searching for the children of Mariah, formerly enslaved by Madame Jouvin.

Searching for her son Fred.

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Searching for Henry Thornton

Searching for two men.

Searching for friends

Searching for her son.

They are searching for their brother.

He would like to know the whereabouts of his mother and brothers.
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