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Fanny Jones, from Rochester, New York, searching for her mother Ella McIntire, her sisters, Sarah, Nancy, and Mary Jane, and her brothers, Simon, Chatam, Joseph, John, James, Hanson, and Augustus McIntire.

She was "formerly owned by Tamond Hooper," of Cobb County, GA.

An unnamed person searching for Robert Peck or his descendants. Peck lived in Manhattan or Brooklyn, NY, in or about 1850.

Storks was born in Manchester, VA. He last saw his sister, Martha Ann, in Norfolk, VA, about 45 years ago [ca. 1868].

Lathrop [presumably free], age 10 or 11, is lost. She recently arrived in New York from Hampton, CT. An antebellum ad, from 1834.

He disappeared from home, in Brooklyn, New York, in 1910.

Born in Nansemond County, VA. Sons of Lydia Williams. Richard last saw Solomon on the battlefield in Falmouth, VA, in 1863, during the Civil War.

Hatcher left child at home of Mrs. S. Mitchell, Richmond, VA. Mitchell replied, saying Hatcher knows his wife got the child in 1902, and that Hatcher promised to pay Mitchell for keeping the child eleven months, which she has not received.

Johnson, formerly of Winchester, MA, last heard from in 1916, working for a lady in New York, New York. Photo included and five dollar reward offered.

Rev. Henant and "Willy," or Amanda Brown, searching for her brother, Philip Henry.

Harris was formerly of Rochester, New York.

Mrs. Byard seeking information on her husband, Robert Byard, who enlisted in Company C, 4th Massachusetts U.S. Colored Troops, 1865. She needs the information to obtain a Civil War widow's pension. The reply to her ad is also attached.

Emma Avery lived with Mr. Powless, in Norwood, New Jersey.

Wilson went from New York City to Philadelphia. Ad placed in 1865, during the Civil War.

Lillie left Richmond, Virginia, for New York, four years ago [ca. 1897].

James Davis claims he lives in Richmond, Virginia. Son of Annie Van Netten.

Hutchinson, Colored Orphan Asylum, New York, New York, searching for Costa. Costa formerly lived with Mrs. Julia Snediker, New Lots, Long Island.

Francis is closely related to the emperor of Hayti [/Haiti]. His father, Thomas Francis, was born in Martinique in 1789 and lived in Guadaloupe. His grandfather, Augustus, also born in Martinique. An antebellum ad.

Merr left Williamsburg, Virginia, about 40 years earlier [ca 1792]. Last heard of in Boston, Massachusetts. Dipper is searching for him or Cesar Lafayette, who knew his brother Daniel Merr well. An antebellum ad.

Fanny Wintersmith traveled from New York to Chicago in 1863, during the Civil War. She left her two children there before returning to New York.

She was formerly the slave of the Rev. Bannister Jarvis, of Powell's Point, Currituck County, North Carolina


Her son served in Company B, 5th Massachusetts Colored Cavalry, Civil War. He settled in Kansas in 1866. Riker needs information to prove her claim for a dependent mother's Civil War pension.

Jeremiah Brown's mother searching for her
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