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Unnamed, of St. Louis, Missouri, searching for their father, Robert Moore, [of Helena, Montana?]


Tracy searching for his aunt and for Mrs. Sarah Jefferson, who lived near Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church, Richmond, VA

H. Lamb searching for several family members, including mother Lucinda Yarndle, brother Nelson, half-brother John, and two half-sisters Sarah and Mary.

Billings Herald. Billings MT. Mar 15 1884.jp2
H. W. Marshall searching for James Marshall

Emma Aseby 4-25-1891 HQ.tif
Thomas Kellum searching for his cousin Emma Ashby, a mulatto, who he last saw in Baltimore in the spring of 1879.

Mary Frances Elsie and Green Woods 9-3-1892.tif
Henry Woods is searching for his sisters, Mary, Francis, Elsie, and Martha, and brother Green Woods. They belonged to Adam Woods of Platt County, MO in 1863 when he last saw them. His master took them to Brunswick, MO in 1864 and he went to Montana…

Georgia Strothers 8-6-1892.tif
Clara Irvin is searching for Georgiana Strothers, formerly of Fort Reno, Indian Territory.

George Tearell 10-8-1892.tif
John Tearell is searching for his brother George Tearell, last heard from in Montana. He left home when he was 16 years old.

Channie Ann Kimball seeking information of her family.

Mrs. Louise Brown seeking information of her daughter, Margaret Brown, also known as "Sing." Margaret was sold in 1861 to a slave trader who took her to Texas.

1 (3).tif
James S. Collins seeking information on his brother Rev. Thomas Collins who was last known to live in St. Louis, MO.
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