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Alfred Griffin, son of Kenney Griffin, searching for Reddick Slade, son of Sabee Slade. Griffin lived in Battle Creek, Michigan. Slade lived in Suffolk, Virginia, when last heard of.

Emeline Skipwarth escaped from slavery in Kentucky to Michigan. Forty years later, in 1885, she found her sister, Julia Lyon, near Troy, Ohio.

Bradford North, Busby's former master, left him fifty thousand dollars. North's executors found Busby through newspaper ads.

Robert Cole is looking for his four brothers.

Almost one hundred years old, never found wife and child

Mrs. Maria P. McSpadden 11-27-1884.tif
Mrs. Maria McSpadden searching for Mr. William Page, formerly of Louisville, KY on behalf of his aunt Mary Jackson. His mother was named Maria Page and his father was Peter Page. His parents were the property of a Mr. Throckmotron

Separated for Forty years 8-14-1897.tif
William Davis and his sister Mary were reunited after forty years separation. Both siblings were slaves of the family of James Matlock, a rich planter in Georgia. Just before the war, Matlock died and the two were sold to pay the master's debts,…

Samuel Burton.jp2
F.H. Porterfield, Saginaw Coal Company, searching for sister and aunt of Samuel Burton, died in Saginaw, MI

Thompson Family searching for Henry Thompson, who they have not heard from since he went to visit Detroit several months back.

RP35 J.jpg
Robert Johnson seeking information of his friends, who he does not name.

William Walden searching for Frederick R. Walden who he last saw in 1872.

Alice Ann (Moore) Dungill searching for their aunt Rebecca Cornel, uncle Aaron Moore, George Smith, George White, Alexander Settles, or any of the Rivers.

Matilda Grant searching for her son John Issac Grant.

Henry Mashat searching for his mother Mary Mashat and sister Emily.

Robert Jackson searching for his brothers George and Alfred and his sister Kitty Jackson. He last saw them in Delaware about 25 years ago around 1846.

William Fletcher, an attorney, searching for Emily Helms or her heirs.

Martha Tittle searching for her sisters Margaret Norris and Ann Bausley and friend Mary Hall, all of whom were last known to live in Baltimore.

Harriet Mayo searching for her sister, Mary Christopher, who was sold from Petersburg, VA when she was 12 years old.

Serana Cox searching for her son, Newton Cox, who was sold in Louisville, KY.

Henry Humphrey searching for John Humphrey, his mother Milly Humphrey, and his sisters Sarah Ann Humphrey and Helen Humphrey who he left in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Letitia Weathonton searching for her daughters Sarah Elizabeth Weathonton, Jane Eithenton and Delpha Ann Weathonton.

Susan Simons searching for her parents, Susan Prior, Amanda and John.

Phoebe Bryant searching for her son William Henry Fisher (formerly William Henry Bryant). He was last known to be in Detroit, MI.

Matilda Robinson, writing on behalf of Harriet Mayo, is seeking information on Lucy, Richard, Aaron, and Joseph Mayo.
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