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Thomas Sheals is searching for his mother, three cousins, and wife.

Stephen Coleman 5-28-1885.tif
Stephen Collins is searching for his uncle Robert Brown who belonged to Dr. Brown in Gonzales about 28 years ago. He had two brothers, Spencer and Whitson. Robert went to Mexico in 1864 and he heard from him eight years ago from there. Whitson was…

Samuel Jackson 5-21-1885.tif
Samuel Jackson is searching for his mother Rachael who belonged to the Webb family of Fayette County, KY. She had a sister named Phillis and went with her to Mexico a long while before the war. She returned once to Lexington, KY and then left with…

J H King 6-4-1892.tif
Thos. J. Rogers searching for his brother J. H. King who he last saw in New Orleans in 1888.

Sarah Jane Farris searching for her father Doray Bean; sister Eliza; and brother Pendleton.


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