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Johnson, formerly of Winchester, MA, last heard from in 1916, working for a lady in New York, New York. Photo included and five dollar reward offered.

Mrs. Byard seeking information on her husband, Robert Byard, who enlisted in Company C, 4th Massachusetts U.S. Colored Troops, 1865. She needs the information to obtain a Civil War widow's pension. The reply to her ad is also attached.

Anderson Lewis seeking information about Sarah Scott

Anderson Lewis looking for information about his sisters Mrs. Sarah Scott and Mrs. Jane Harris. Scott previously lived in Rappahannock County, Virginia and Harris lived in Richmond, Virginia.


The Cozzinses lived in Richmond, Virginia, in 1865 [at the end of the Civil War]. Lizzie Watson, sister of Martha Ragscale, was at Burkeville, Virginia, in 1870.

Merr left Williamsburg, Virginia, about 40 years earlier [ca 1792]. Last heard of in Boston, Massachusetts. Dipper is searching for him or Cesar Lafayette, who knew his brother Daniel Merr well. An antebellum ad.

Information wanted of Moore, a "colored man" of Swedesboro, New Jersey, by his friends. He was sick in Boston when last heard from. An antebellum ad.

William Volantine (now named William Robinson) was once a slave in Baltimore, now living in New Bedford, MA. He is searching for his brother, Joshua, who was also a slave in Baltimore and went to Philadelphia three years earlier [ca 1846]. An…

Newspaper article about Milla Dawsey's search for her family. Includes transcription of Dawsey's two Christian Recorder ads. Dawsey, from Calvert County, Maryland, had not seen her brothers or son since they were sold away from her.

Rev. M. D. Matthewson looking for his nephew Julius Harrison who went missing after leaving to become a baker.

Gideon, owner and originator of Gideon's Refined Negro Minstrels, is searching for his father, who enlisted in the First Kansas Colored Infantry during the Civil War

Cook searching for Thomas Price, son of Richard (Dick) Price, who was a slave, "owned" by Samuel Bowles

Sarah seeks information of her brother.

Willie Price is searching for his two sons, John and Dorse.

Margaret Miller is searching for her brother, Morris Jackson

Richard Hill, a pension veteran, is searching for his family

Corah Payne Reed is searching for her uncle, Henry Payne, and two sisters Alice and Henrietta

1902..Richmond Planet. June 7 1902.jp2
Seeking Charlotte Dabney, wife of George Dabney, heir of Dolly Mack. Mack died in Springfield, MA. Formerly resided in Chesterfield County, VA.

Richmond Planet. Alice Granville March 15 1902.jp2
Mrs. Alice Granville searching for her sister, Miss Mary E. Tomlinson, adopted at Portsmouth, VA, and her aunt, Ellen Smith, a stewardess on a boat between Norfolk via Baltimore.

Alexander Robinson died in Boston and left an estate. C.G. Morgan is searching for the relatives of Robinson to claim this estate.

Colored American. Washington DC. May 17 1902.jp2
William Walker searching for David Walker, a sailor and a colored Mason, Blue Lodge No. 4 or 5, Boston, MA

Ann Eliza Gaskins 8-6-1892 HQ.tif
J.H. Jenkins is searching for his aunt whose maiden name was Ann Eliza Gaskins. She has now married a man whose name he doesn't know and lived in New Bedford, Massachusetts some years, but now lives somewhere else in Massachusetts. Her oldest…

Ann Eliza Gaskins 8-6-1892.tif
J.H. Jenkins is searching for his aunt, whose maiden name is Ann Elizabeth Gaskins. She lived in New Bedford, Massachusetts and he believes she still lives in that state. She's originally from Fayettville, NC

Mrs Chas Smith.jp2
Mrs. Charles Smith (formerly Mrs. Ella Smith), Woburn, MA, searching for family and friends

P. Stephen Burton seeking information of George Sparrow.
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