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Bowen escaped from slavery, near St. Francisville, MO, in 1859. He presumably went to Chicago and, from there, to Canada.

Peter Bell, former slave, is looking for information about his parents that were owned by someone else.

Tolliver, of Des Moines, Iowa, was sold away from Daviess County, Missouri, at age 9 [in ca 1848]. In 1903, he learned that his father lives in Leavenworth, Kansas, and visited him.

They married "according to slave laws" in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 60 years earlier [ca 1837]. They were separated by sale seven years later. Reunited and remarried in Oskaloosa, Iowa, in 1897.

W. H. is searching for Miss Hannah Harmer

Lucinda Pillow (formerly Lucinda Hargrave) is searching for her brother and sister, George and Fannie Hargrave.

Henrietta Wallace (formerly Turner) is searching for her son, Thomas Taylor Turner.

Emanuel Randolph Willis is searching for his two brothers.

Mrs. James Wheeler is looking for her sister Miss Mandy Boyd.

Mrs. Lucy Williams is searching for her mother's family.

John C. Bender and William Bouy are searching for a comrade who served in the same regiment as Bouy

Mrs. Celia Jones is searching for Henry and Sallie Jones who lived in Virginia near Southampton

Highland Weekly News. Hillsboro OH. Oct 30 1873.jp2
W.H.H. Allen [William Henry Harrison Allen], from Union, Breckenridge County, KY, searching for his mother (her name not given)

Memphis Daily Appeal. July 11 1878.jp2
Worden Scott and Mary A. Scott searching for Worden's father, John Scott

Mrs. McDora Dundee looking for her father, Allen Bradford, who was a barber on a boat running from Montgomery to Mobile in 1863.

Sarah Lee.jp2
Sarah Lee, Eldora, Iowa, searching for her daughter. In Cairo, Illinois when last heard from.

Eugene Broadus.jpg
John Broadus, Colfax, IA, searching for brother Eugene Broadus, Washington, DC

oct 20 1881 part 2 J.jpg
Thomas Venable seeking information of Dennis and Susie Venable.

Boulden family.jpg
Rev. Albert Boulden and his wife seeking information about their children, James, Julias, Luke, Ann, Catharine, Joana, Robert, Louisa, Agnes, and Albert Boulden, who were sold away from them.

Jas. E. Bryant searching for his siblings, Elizabeth Jones, Harriet Bryant, George Bryant, Tom Bryant, and Joe Bryant, the children of Edmund and Nellie Bryant.

Emma Ashe Pitts searching for her children, Mary Francis and Julius Ashe, who were last known to be in Montgomery, Alabama in 1848.

2 (3).tif
Margaret Hays seeking information of her son, Henry Mays, who enlisted in the Union Army in Missouri.

William Padgett searching for his son, Harris Padgett, who was formerly enslaved by Joe Dillard.

Maria Edmondson (formerly Maria Robnet) searching for her children William Oliver, Sultena Ann, and Mary Angelina Robnet. Her children were separated when sold from Wright County, MO.

Louisa Moore (formerly Louisa Graves) searching for her mother Jane Graves and her brother Dirk Graves. Her mother was formerly enslaved by the Painter family in St. Joseph, MO.
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