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Charley, a boy, was taken from the place of Squire Vernon, five miles from Indianapolis. This was in ca. 1865, during or right after the Civil War.

Stowers was separated from her son 28 years earlier [ca 1846], when she was sold from Owensboro, KY, to Shelby County, KY, and then again from Shelby County to Alabama. In 1874, several years after the Civil War, she went to Evansville, IN, in search…

Josephine Smith searching for information about her brother Lerov Smith from whom she was separated during slavery.

Easton, of Indianapolis, Indiana, found his mother, Clara Clounch, of Paducah, Kentucky. They were separated by sale when he was seven years old.

Reprinted from the Indianapolis Sentinel (Indianapolis, IN)

His father was freed in 1846, in Trimble County, Kentucky, and then went to Hanover, Indiana.

Watson, 79th Regiment, Louisiana Colored Infantry, Civil War, has not hear from his family since they arrived in Louisville, KY, summer 1865. They all "belonged to" Mr. Cornelius Voris, near Marksville, LA, before the Civil War.

W. H. is searching for Miss Hannah Harmer

George W. Moveety, sold away from his family in 1853, meets them in a train station after 33 years


Simon Randolph Jr. is searching for his uncle, Willis Staten.

David Turner is searching for his brothers John, Charles, James, and Thomas.

E.N. Leroy is searching for Mrs. B.F. Stevens.

America Low is searching for his husband

Lizzie Taylor is searching for her cousin, M.A. Robinson

Would like to find his brother Gilbert.

Searching for William Warks.

Newspaper account of an unnamed preacher, St. Joseph, MO, who found his sister, Louisa Smith, of Indianapolis, IN

Eliza Husher is searching for her mother, Sallie Clark, and her brothers and sisters.

Laura Parnell is searching for her brother, Junius Browder

Emanuel Randolph Willis is searching for his two brothers.

Mrs. Jas. Coakley informs the Richmond Planet's editor that she has found her uncle living in Brazil, Indiana.

Mrs. Jas. Oakley searching for her paternal grandmother Martha Ann Page Crump Egester. Her father, William Egester, was born in Richmond, VA, and sold in Lawrenceburg, KY

Alfred Buckner 3-27-1884.tif
Alfred Buckner is searching for his brother Horace Buckner. They both belonged to Billy Mallier in Madison County, VA until Horace was sold to a negro trader named Humphrey Taylor who sold him in Huntsville, AL. He has not heard from him since.

National Tribune Washington DC. May 31 1888.jp2
Martha A. Washington searching for addresses of officers or enlisted men who served with husband, George Washington, Co. B., 113th U.S.C.T. [Probably for a widow's pension claim]
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