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Patton was brought from Jackson, TN, to Leon County, FL, about 40 years ago [ca. 1843], as an enslaved young man. His mother's name was Nellie Holmes, and his brothers were Tom and Littleton.

He was born in Moore County, North Carolina. Was last heard from in St. Augustine, Florida, in 1885.

Unnamed person searching for Mansfield. He used to live in Washington, DC, and was head waiter at Palm Beach, Florida.

Her husband was Jack Moore. She was at Pensacola, Florida, when last heard from.

Mrs. Sarah Daniels searching for her brothers Hezekiah, William Capers, Robert, and sister Laura. A white Methodist preacher named Ledbetter carried them from South Carolina to Alabama at the time of the Civil War.

Maria Adeline was formerly enslaved by Dr. Lively. She was "taken" from Tampa, Florida and "carried" to Key West, Florida.

John Quincy Adams Bradley is searching for his parents and two sisters.

She is looking for her brothers and sisters.

Henrietta seeks information about her parents

Jane Chaster (formerly Tomlen) seeking information about her brothers Emmett and Willis Tomlen and sisters Rebecca, Polly, and Sallie Tomlen. She is also looking for her grandmother Allie Fair.

Allen Jenkins is searching for Harriet Hicks

Parker searching for his uncle, who was sold by Willis T. Riddirk, Gales County, NC

1902. Richmond Planet. Apr 19 1902.png
Mother, Frances Woodson/Frances Bowles, sold from Goochland County, VA, to Florida.

William Brown 5-21-1885.tif
An unnamed party is searching for his brother William Brown. His mother was Mary Brown, father was Charles Brown, brothers were George, Louis, and Shadrick Brown, and sisters were Dolly and Susan Brown. They all belonged to Andrew Crew of Richmond,…

Priscilla Benjamin 7-30-1885.tif
Priscilla Benjamin is searching for her brothers Willie, Edward, and Isaac Spradley, sister Katy Spradley, and aunt Rosetta Spradley whom she left in Georgia 35 years ago. She has heard from Isaac once and he was still living in Georgia, but she…

NY Herald May 3 1869.jp2
Unnamed, searching for Albert Young/Albert Cotton. From Florida. Was waiter in Long Branch, NJ last year.

Lewis Hampton-Massey 1-10-1891.tif
Wade Hampton is searching for Lewis Hampton-Massey, formerly a slave taken by a man named Gideon who took him at age 5 or 6 from Chesterfield, SC to Florida between 1850 and 1860. They were owned by Jas. Massey who owned a large grist mill and…

O.B. Armstrong.jp2
O.B. Armstrong, Punta Gorda, FL, searching for comrades from his regiment

Ralph Lightner searching for his parents, Amos and Fannie; brothers Cupid, Sam, Anderson, Amos, Jerry, and Nelson; and sisters Eliza, Sabra and Sislie.

Durant Golden seeking information of his brother, William Linyer Jones.

Drucella Spradley seeking information of her family.

Thomas Arthur Everick, New York, NY, searching for his parents and siblings, of Florida and then Winnsboro, SC area

SCA35 J.jpg
Amos Wilder seeking information about his brother George Wilder, sisters Jane and Hannah Williford, and several family members who he was separated from through multiple transactions.

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Frank Johnson seeking information of his brother, Milton Thompson.
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