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Isaac S. Grant is searching for his uncle Jacob J. Simmons

Grant lived in the County Hospital, Farmhurst, DE. Placed two ads on the same page (one ad for Mittie and Bakes, the other for Grimes).

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Lucy Ponsley, Media, PA, searching for her people or for Captain John Ritter. Her father, James Somers, fought in Civil War under Ritter. Killed.

Louisa Mitchell, Thurlow, Delaware County, PA, searching for her sisters, Harriet Jackson Davis and Julia Ann Jackson

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France Jones seeking information of Marietta Sliny, who is either her daughter or sister.

Margret Taylor searching for her mother, Malinda Easton, who was enslaved by Hiram Easton.

Issac Cannon searching for his mother Sarah Jacobs.


Julia Smith and Ruth Little seeking information of Geo. G. Gordey, who was the son of Julia and brother of Ruth.

Rachel Hackett searching for Sarah Jane Hackett, Ellen Hackett, and their half-sister Mary Elizabeth Hackett.

Henry Gooden seeking information of Margaret Ann Gooden.

Robert Jackson searching for his brothers George and Alfred and his sister Kitty Jackson. He last saw them in Delaware about 25 years ago around 1846.

Tilman Handy searching for his son, James Charles Handy, who was enslaved by Dr. Mitchell in Milford, DE.

Jane N. Watson searching for her son, James Watson, who left Philadelphia aboard the Lydia Scofield in 1861.

Jacob Galloway giving his new city of residence so that his children, Moses, William, Elizabeth, and Issac may find him if they are still living.
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