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Lathrop [presumably free], age 10 or 11, is lost. She recently arrived in New York from Hampton, CT. An antebellum ad, from 1834.

He disappeared from home, in Brooklyn, New York, in 1910.

Bowen, born in North Carolina, went to Hartford, Connecticut, and enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1863, during the Civil War. Bowen, or his heirs, are entitled to a "small estate."

Tucker died in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1899. Wilson is trying to send Tucker's life insurance payment to her parents, in Lunenburg County, Virginia.

Lettice Lamb and her daughter, Peggy, of Norwich, Connecticut, searching for Lettice's sons. They were last heard from in 1821, in or near Portland, Maine. An antebellum ad.

David Reed was last known to have been traveling with the circus and was last heard from in Connecticut.

Bell, son of Julia Bell, wrote to Inspector Mattingly, Washington, DC, in search of his relatives

Mr. J.P. Leach is hoping for communication from Mr. Robert Steward.

1902 Richmond Planet Oct 18 1902. Frank Johnson.jp2
Frank Robinson/Frank Johnson, New Haven, CT, searching for his siblings. Children of Walker Robinson and Martha Robinson.


Ester Turner 7-31-1884.tif
Esther Turner searching for her mother Sally, brothers Isaiah, George Washington (often called Lit) and one whose name she cant' remember, sisters Sally, Eliza, Nancy Franklin, and Matilda, aunts Eliza, Phillis, and Winnie and Uncle Mack. Her father,…

James Dellemare, New York, NY, searching for William Dellemare, living in Westport, CT. Now in Brooklyn, NY.

Jesse S. Cowles, New Haven, CT, searching for his mother, Sarah Cowles and his siblings, William Cowles, Charles Cowles, Carter Cowles, Mildred Lewis, Josephine Cowles, and Martha J. Cowles.

John Lane.jp2
John Lane, Middletown, CT, searching for his mother, Mary Cartmore, of Nelson County, KY; his sister, Frances Cartmore; and his brother, William Cartmore

RP60 J.jpg
Mary A. Basey seeking information of her brother and sister, Douglass Basey and Lettie Basey Douglass.

RP52 J.jpg
Annie Sloan Powers seeking information of her family, who she last saw in 1865.

wilson july 28 94.jpg
Emma Wilson is looking for her sister Mary Louisa Randolph nee Ferguson

Gray 9-2-1899.jpg
Mrs. Wm. George Wilson is looking for her aunt, Bell Gray, who may know her as Annie Bell Coleman.

Francis Povler searching for her mother Jennie, and her siblings Soloman, Mary Esther, and Benjamin.

Rev. T.R. Geda searching for Richard Green.

Henrietta Cornish searching for her daughter Henrietta Campfur who was sold south prior to the Civil War.

Mary Humphrey seeking information of her sister Jennie Turner.

Betty Wrightsell seeking information on her two brothers and her sister who were sold before the Civil War.

Rachel Blunt searching for her brother John Blunt, who also goes by the names John Blair and John Skinner. He brother was last known to be in Newbern, NC.
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