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Rosa Westbrooks is looking for her friend Lucy Wilder, who was last seen in Hillsboro, TX.

DE_19000113_HAMMONDS_PARALEE copy.jpg
Paralee Hammond is searching for her son, Turner Hammond, who was last seen in Itaska, TX

Laura Parnell is searching for her brother, Junius Browder

Daniel Layton is searching for Vicky Powell, the mother of Daniel Laurence Powell to tell her something important.

Rev. J. Preston Watson, sold on the auction block many times, ran away from his owner and was taken in by Captain Thomas Gannon of the Ninth Missouri Cavalry for the duration of the war.

The Statesman. Denver CO. Jan 13 1905.jp2
She is searching for her brother, who left Springfield, Illinois for Denver, Colorado in 1881. Her photo is included.

Amanda is searching for her mother, brothers, and sisters.

William Weeks 3-5-1885.tif
William Weeks is searching for his brothers John Smith, Alfred Weeks, Greenup Weeks, and Jordan Weeks, and one sister who is not named. Some of them are supposed to be in Louisiana.

Aaron Alexander 9-10-1885.tif
Aaron Alexander is searching for his brother Pink Alexander who left him in Columbus, Colorado County and went to Houston about 8 years ago.

Samuel Kennedy 5-28-1898 HQ.tif
Richard B. Smith is searching for Samuel Kennedy, last heard from by him in St. Paul, MN. He was born in Mount Sterling, KY.

Frank J. Loper seeking information of his father Daniel Hurd and brother Isaac Loper. Hurd was taken to Louisiana to work in the salt mines during the Civil War.

sep 11 1879 J.jpg
John Benjamin Slack seeking information of his mother, Eliza Slack.


aug 18 1881 J.jpg
Joe Holder seeking information of his father and cousin.

Lazarus Holland.jpg
Lazarus Holland looking his parents, James and Kenna Holland, and several siblings who he last saw when he left to join the Union Army in 1862.

W. W. Massey searching for his uncle Rev. Louis Johnson.

Mrs. Downey seeking information of her sisters, Dollie and Faithy Scott, who left Greensboro, NC for Indiana before the Civil War.

Rachel Narrid (formerly Rachel Janes) searching for Elia, Dina, Rachel, Lucy, and Mary Jane Janes

Henry Fuller searching for Thomas Fuller, Eliza Fuller, and his aunt Clarissa Jefferson.

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Lewis Buckner seeking information on his brother, his brother's wife, and their two daughters named Benjamin, Martha, Emma, and Lula Eddington, respectively. He also requests information of his other brother John Jones.


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