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Paris Carter, who lived in Victoria, Vancouver, was searching for his brothers, Alfred and Osville, and his sister, Jane Carter.

George Van Buren searching for Norian, Orrin, Edward, Dewitt, Norcissa, Alvira, Sophrona, Dian, Edgar, and Jane, the children of Frank and Sophona Van Buren.

Bowen escaped from slavery, near St. Francisville, MO, in 1859. He presumably went to Chicago and, from there, to Canada.

Johnson's first husband, Geo. Perry, escaped from Fleming County, KY, to Canada 43 years earlier [ca 1830]. Johnson and their child were went with him but were caught and taken back to Kentucky, where they remained in slavery until the Civil War.…

Anglo-African_published_as_The_Anglo-African.___December_23_1865 (2) Richard Tolliver.jpg
Matilda Wetherall is searching for Robert Tolliver and Alice Tolliver of Mount Jackson, Shenandoah County, Virginia. Wetherall appears to have been the mother of one of these individuals.

Dulcina Hall looking for information on her father Isaac Tolson who had left for Canada

They ran into each other in 1867. From Fleming County, Kentucky. Joshua bought his freedom in 1849. Solomon escaped to Canada in 1837.

Turner went to Buffalo, NY, from Toronto, four months earlier. Has not been heard from since. Supposed to be on some boat plying between Buffalo and an upper lake [Great Lakes] port. During the Civil War.

W. H. is searching for Miss Hannah Harmer

Moses Mark Braxton is searching for his relatives.


Wm. Page Found 4-9-1885.tif
Mrs. Maria McSpadden is thanking the Southwestern Christian Advocate and its editor Rev. M. W. Taylor for its assistance in finding her relative Wm. Page. She is now recommending the paper to everyone and doing all she can to boost its circulation…


Willie and Arthur Spencer 6-4-1892.tif
Sarah E. Foreman is searching for her two sons, Willie and Arthur Spencer, aged 28 and 32 years respectively. They went to Chicago three years ago and she has not heard from them since. Their home is in Toronto, Canada.

Sampson Alexander.jp2
Sampson Alexander, of Victoria, Canada, searching for his father, brothers, sister, cousins, and friend, all formerly of Washington, DC

Rev. H. J. Young searching for Jefferson Davis's brothers Moses and Lewis Davis. The Davis brothers attempted to escape enslavement in Loudon County, VA but were separated after being chased by slave catchers.

John A. Murry searching for his father, Alfred Murry, who left Maryland for Canada in 1835.

George T. Smith seeking information about his brother, Joseph W. Hines, who recently arrived in Canada.

Ellen Nettleton seeking information about her husband, George Nettleton, who she was separated from west of Hamilton, Canada.

Robert Phillips searching for Mrs. Sidney Jackson who left for Canada sometime around 1850.

Sarah Jackson searching for her husband, Jacob Jackson, who went to Canada to search for his brother, Richard.

John and his wife Emaline Hall searching for Emaline's brother, William Buck, who was last known to be in Indiana on his way to Canada.

Thompson Family searching for Henry Thompson, who they have not heard from since he went to visit Detroit sometime in 1k.

FD Evelina Evans.jpg
Henry Jackson seeking information about his niece, Evelina Evans, who left NYC in 1860 for Canada.

Mrs. Dulcina Hall searching for her father, Issac Tolson, who was last known to be in Canada.

Jacob F. Stewart searching for his mother, Matilda French, and several siblings, Moses, Fanny, Nancy and Sally French, who were formerly enslaved by Watkins James.
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